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You have been trying to get a job for months.

You have applied for umpteen roles.

You are frustrated with getting a zero response from recruiters.

You are tired of sending out applications and not even getting a “thanks for applying” or a note to say you have been “unsuccessful”.

You are deflated and your confidence keeps going down with each rejection or zero response.

Solution:  Don’t do the same thing you have been doing for months. When you get nothing, when you keep doing the same thing and getting the same response that you do not want, that means you need to change something. Don’t keep doing the same thing because you will continue to get the same unsatisfactory response – nothing.


So, let’s take a look at my top three tips on what you could do to improve your Resume, Cover letter or Key Selection Criteria so that you can stand out and land an interview for your dream job!


  • Your application documents don’t match the job ad or the job description. Every single application you send MUST be customised to each and every job. I know this is time consuming, but it would annoy me as an employer to know that I wasn’t really your dream job or employer. See, when you tailor your responses to me, I feel special. Make that employer feel special and that they are the one for you!
  • Your online presence doesn’t match your resume. Spruce up your socials, especially LinkedIn and ensure that you are reflecting the same brand and story everywhere.
  • You have unexplained gaps in your career. Don’t hide these, it makes the mind wander. Be honest in your application, proud of your achievements and highlight any fantastic skills you have gained in that time.

If this story resonates with you and you are not sure how to optimise your Resume, Cover letter, Key Selection Criteria or LinkedIn profile, then I’d love to assist you to get your message across to your prospective new employer.  Click here to get in touch about how I can help you land your dream job!

Hi, I’m Athena Ali the Founder of The Get Noticed Coach and Get Noticed Resumes.

I am a Flexible Work Advocate – I help women close the gender pay gap by designing and implementing career strategies to get them into leadership positions (particularly in the government sector) using my marketing approach to career advancement.