What other people say about me!

Ever wondered about working with me? 
What are my online programs like?
What results can I get you?

Well read on because my client results can happen for you too!

What other people say about me!

Ever wondered about working with me? 
What are my online programs like?
What results can I get you?

Well read on because my client results can happen for you too!

Athena Ali - The Get Noticed Coach - Career Coach and Strategist for mid-career professionals and leaders who want to land a senior public service role they love where they can make a difference in the community

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Being made redundant from a long-term Government management position left me feeling anxious and lost.

How would I find a new role?

What current methods are used to apply for and more importantly secure a role?

I was fortunate to participate in training provided by Athena Ali, The Get Noticed Coach. The course I undertook was the Ultimate Government Career Accelerator. This 8 week program was just what I needed.

The shining light in this program was a course on responding to Key Selection Criteria (KSC).

Too often I found myself struggling to correctly articulate myself when responding to KSC.

Athena’s unique 4 I’s principle, explained KSC in a way that was easily understood and also in a way that was different to the star method. It provided me with the framework to provide responses that correctly addressed the KSC.

It definitely made the difference between a job application and a ‘stand out’ application.

It also helped me understand how to frame my responses and create consistency between my written application and the interview, which gave me confidence.

After being unemployed for 7 months and numerous failed job applications, within 4 weeks of completing the KSC course I landed an interview, and ultimately the role, as a senior manager.

Thank you Athena Ali, the Get Noticed Coach.

Anthony Drago, Capital Equipment Manager at John Holland on the Victorian Heart Hospital Project


I was struggling to find work, and my resume was outdated and then I had to respond to key selection criteria also!

Athena’s 4I’s method for responding to key selection criteria helped me to prepare a succinct easy to read document that was quite powerful. It’s something I had never come across before.

I still use her proforma templates for my resume and key selection criteria.

I landed a role at Theatre Royal Sydney and could not be happier, it aligns with my values and interests so much.

Athena has been a huge support to me her online programs and coaching helped me to become confident and realise I had a lot to offer an employer.

I ended up finding enjoyable and fulfilling work.

I hope any of you reading this take her online courses and  coaching and you’ll be on your way to a fantastic role too. 

Gimhani Wickramasinghe, Theatre Royal Sydney


Hope you are well during these crazy times!

 Just letting you know – I finally converted to a permanent EL 2 Senior Lawyer position after acting for 6 long years!

I finally grew the confidence to ask for what I wanted!  I had some initial resistance but they finally caved in after 6 years!

 Thanks for your help!

Penny Zen, APS Lawyer (promoted from EL1 to EL2)


I got an interview for the assistant director role and had my interview last Thursday. 

Thank you so much for all your work. Having the KSC and my resume so well structured really help with my interview preparation and was commended by the hiring manager on the selection panel.

Thank you again.

Wendy Collins, promoted to Assistant Director Legal & Policy, Administrative Appeals Tribunal


I sought Athena’s services as I had been acting in a role for over a year and it was being advertised on a permanent basis and wanted to put my best foot forward,

Having worked in government for most of my career I was comfortable with selection criteria responses however as I was applying for a more senior role I wanted to ensure my responses were pitched at the correct level.

I found Athena’s methods to be easy to understand and to follow and helped guide me in choosing appropriate examples which helped me put my best foot forward.

Whilst on this occasion I chose not to proceed with this particular application, I was able to put these skills to good use and now have another job in the private sector and I believe that having a new resume and appropriately pitched letter helped me in gaining this role.

Rory Maguire, Health Services Clinical Quality Coordinator to Director role


I took a year long break from an Industry I had been working in for almost 20 years. I found myself at the end of my time off ready to go back to work, however I didn’t want to go back to the same job I had always done and was looking for something a little bit different.

My hubby had recently completed Athena Ali’s, The Get Noticed Coach’s training program ‘The Ultimate Government Career Accelerator’ and I too was very interested in what it had to offer.

I found a job I was very interested in and using a lot of the tips Athena provided in the training, I tweaked my resume and put together a cover letter for a six figure government role, successfully landing an interview.

The application process in this instance did not require a key selection criteria response, however I got the email from the recruiter stating that the interview process encouraged applicants to use the STAR method when responding to the questions.

I knew Athena’s training had a whole module on this, so I studied up and really prepared well for the interview. I used Athena’s 4 I’s principle and had an example ready to go for each selection criteria and was prepared for any question they asked. 

The interview went so well and I felt so calm knowing that I was prepared and didn’t have ‘think on my feet’ too much.

I’m happy to report that I was successful in obtaining the role and am very grateful for Athena’s key selection criteria training which ultimately resulted in me landing the position.

Sarah Drago, Senior Property Officer, Department of Transport


I am very happy with the services provided by Athena. Her thorough approach and results driven attitude gave me confidence to apply for a job I was going for.

Athena treats every client as a unique individual and her knowledge in the federal job recruitment process has helped my application process tremendously.

I definitely recommend Athena to everyone trying to enter the public service, especially mothers after a maternity break.

Agniya Detsik, Public Information Officer, Victoria Police


I had a great experience after taking your online course Athena.
It encouraged me to write selection criteria quicker, making me confident in myself. And, when you have the can-do belief, you are fluent with your writing.
Sometimes we get blind because we follow others without being sincere and honest with ourselves, and our writing reflects our knowledge and capabilities. 

My experience was applying for many government jobs without focusing on “Will I be the right person for the position?” no, I was not.

I had to be prepared and then believe that you are the right person. 

So, saying that, we need to be in constant preparation for our future, and having a coach helps you find your goal in your career path.
Thanks, Athena, for teaching me those lessons!

Olga Phalomeke, Construction Estimator


Nominated in the Individual Category for the Champion of Flexible Working Awards 2019



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