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Let’s Work Together!

Get the help you need now.

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This call is for you if: 

– you’re a public servant or aspiring public servant in their mid-career, is a leader or aspiring leader who is career-driven and wants to get promoted

– you want to increase your income now not in 6 months

– are committed to taking action and are coachable, meaning you are open to new ideas and ways of conducting your job search because what you have been doing to date is not working

– you know that the greatest investment you can make is in yourself and want to invest in Athena’s programs

– you want to build a strong personal brand and messaging so that hiring managers and recruiters tap you on the shoulder to apply for your ideal roles

– you have been trying to apply for roles for some time but you still can’t get the phone to ring for an interview

-or if you are getting to interviews you are being told you don’t have enough experience or that an internal candidate landed the role

– you want to be happy, healthy and stress-free in a career you love and get a promotion and pay rise you deserve

– you want to make a difference in the public sector and are very passionate about doing so

– you are looking for a coach and catalyst that can help you with your career goals in the next 90 days

If any of these statements describes you,

then apply to work with me here to have a free 10 minute chat with me so I can explain my programs and how I can help you achieve your career goals

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