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Hi, I’m Athena Ali

The Founder of The Get Noticed Coach.


I am a Career Strategist. I help people who want to work with purpose and land their dream government career with confidence, clarity, and without wasting time and money trying to figure it all out by themselves.


Hi Athena,

I just wanted to give you an update. I got an interview for the director role and had my interview last Thursday. I should hear by the end of the week whether they want to do second interviews or if they have made a decision.

Thank you so much for all your work. Having the key selection criteria and my resume so well structured really helped with my interview preparation. It’s all in fates hands now, so fingers crossed.

Thank you again.

Wendy Collins


Athena helped me with some career coaching after a short break between contracts. She helped me set some realistic career goals to enable me to achieve a better balance between professional and family priorities. She connected me with employers who are advocates of working flexibly and I really benefited from her interview coaching. Athena really understand the difficulties busy working mothers face ans is passionate about helping mums find meaningful work. Thanks Athena for recognising the value that women with children can deliver with the workplace and helping drive change in the perceptions about flexible work. And most importantly, thanks for helping me personally find a role that suits my current situation.

Carolyn Gekas


I’d like to recommend Athena’s expertise as a career strategist. I sought her help, as I’m a mature job seeker returning to work, a lot has changed in resume writing and cover letters since I last looked for corporate work. I needed someone who understood my circumstances and could help customize my paperwork to be suited ball in today’s world.

I found Athena to be helpful, knowledgeable and very supportive. She explained how she would utilise my skills, work experience and maturity to my best advantage. Athena created a resume that was up to date and relevant to the industry I wanted to work in.

Her cover letter combines my professional attributes and personal qualities that are authentic to me.

Athena made me feel good about myself and made looking for work less daunting.

I was getting responses, and callbacks. I believe I would have gotten a job because of Athena’s support and guidance. However, due to COVID 19. I haven’t been able to find employment. I would recommend Athena, any day for her great career coaching and advice.

Sally Orr


Athena has a knack of finding out what you don’t know about yourself, and nurture, you mentally so that you are prepared for whatever your next challenge is.

She is honest and real about what you can or can’t do which is also a really hard to find quality.

I truly value Athena’s insight, knowledge and humour, which got me through and prepared me for the career advancement, I was seeking.

If you need a career strategist and someone to help you with anything to do with your CV, selection criteria or interview questions, etc. You have to get in touch with her NOW!

Angel Thrift

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