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Get Noticed & land clients on linkedin

For business owners who want to attract their ideal clients


LinkedIn is too hard. It’s too formal. Not another platform. It’s sleazy. It’s not for me or my business.

But what if it was? What if it was a platform that had all your ideal high paying clients on it and you were able to access high level decision makers? 

It really changes the way you feel about LinkedIn.

Finding and landing your ideal clients who tell you exactly who they are, what organisations they work for and their job title.

Facebook doesn’t do that. Instagram doesn’t do that either.

You have to do a lot more digging on these platforms to find your ideal client. But you don’t need to on LinkedIn.

Full names. Full job titles. Even emails to contact them. 

You are missing out on potential sales not being on LinkedIn!

So let me help you!


These packages are designed to get you noticed and get you hired with your ideal client! 



Athena is truly amazing at her role; if you want to be noticed, this is the woman you need on your side!! She understands whom you are presenting you in a way that you couldn't do on your own. It is like she has known you for years and is in your corner at all times. I was thrilled with her work on my resume cover letter and my Linkedin profile. If you want to take the next career move, you need Athena!!!!

Lucy Blanch, Sparkke at The Whitmore

I was never one to ask someone to help me with my CV as I simply saw it as a list of things I had 'done' in the past. However, after seeing Athena's work, I realised that I had definitely mis-understood the value of a good, well structured, and evocative CV on finding opportunities. Athena spent the time to get to know me as a person, help me with my concerns and helped craft both my CV and my LinkedIn profile. She is friendly, professional, with an attention to detail, and with a passion for formulating a CV that brings out the whole of a person's achievements in such a succinct and striking manner! I am extremely happy with the results of Athena's work, and will be coming back to her regularly to ensure my experience and achievements are always seen in the best possible light. Thank you for everything, Athena!

Dr Nicholas Vogiatzis, Leader in Research & Development

Athena did a fantastic job. She really worked hard to get the essence and who I was into the CV. She also made sure that I was happy with all the information and the final copy. I would really recommend Athena for her attention to detail and real passion to help her clients have the best possible CV for their future endeavors.

William Elrick, Archaeologist, Educator & Keynote Speaker

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