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Congratulations on your investment!

Here are your next steps. 

Congratulations on your investment!

Here are your next steps. 

 A letter from me… 

Welcome to The Get Noticed Coach! I am Athena and I will personally tailor and create your beautiful new documents for you. I am excited and thank you for the opportunity to help you get the job that you want! 

In order for me to get started, I’ll need to get some information from you. I would appreciate it if you could please fill in the form below as best as you can.

Please note, the form cannot be saved so please make sure you delegate enough time to complete it all in one sitting.

Once I receive all your information, I’ll make a start and you should receive your first draft within 7 working days from when the Resume Preparation Form is received from you or when I have advised your project can commence.

I know it can be tricky trying to get all this information together, but just do your best and I will give you a call if I need to fill any blanks.

Please note that I will be in touch to advise of your start and end date. You must complete this form within 24 hours in order to keep your place. Note that your package must be finalised within 3 weeks as agreed.

If you have any trouble, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I really look forward to working you to get you noticed!

Cheers, Athena

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