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Are you a public servant seeking a new role or promotion?

Let’s get you noticed so you land your dream job!


Are you a public servant seeking a new role or promotion?

Let’s get you noticed so you land your dream job!

I see you. You have been in your current public service role for a few years and you are itching to move out of your department or a promotion into a more senior role.

You want to start making a greater impact in our community services but you can’t do it from your desk in the corner.

You have improved your skills, have worked on projects, you have achieved some serious outcomes for the community contributing to team objectives.

But you can’t work out why you’re being passed over for promotions or can’t move into a different department.

You don’t know why others with seemingly less experience or newer to the organisation seem to be flying high way above you. You don’t know where you are failing in the process. 

You want to stay in government and be a part of something greater, in community project outcomes. You just need to find a department that will want to keep their talent and promote them at all costs.

Let me help you shine so bright that you become the talent they don’t want to lose, that you build a reputation so strong that you are the only choice for the job.

Check out these fabulous people who secured a government role or their dream leadership role with some handholding, outstanding achievement-based documents and career guidance



Hi Athena,

I just wanted to give you an update. I got an interview for the director role and had my interview last Thursday. 

Thank you so much for all your work. Having the Key Selection Criteria and Resume so well structured really helped with my interview preparation.

Thank you again.

Wendy C, Director Role, State Government


It certainly has been a crazy 24hrs for you, and look at what you achieved, a masterpiece!

Thank you so much for firstly considering to take this mammoth task on and doing such an amazing job. I have no doubt that I’ll land an interview. 

Also I would like to say I am very thankful for your honesty with consulting me in regards to the Resume and I believe the interview this afternoon hit home for me in preparing for the interview.

Jade, State Government


Hi Athena,

I just wanted to check-in and let you know that I’ve just signed a contract to be a Casual Academic at the University. I have enrolled to do an Honours as well. This is a great step forward for me. Thank you!

Will Elrick, Agroecologist, Academic

Customised Packages

Packages are all tailored to each individual person and can include all or some of the following:

  • Career Strategy, planning and mentoring
  • Career mindset coaching
  • Career guidance coaching
  • Job seeker coaching including assistance with job applications
  • Flexible work or Salary negotiation coaching
  • Interview coaching (including mock interviews and video interviews)
  • Online programs teaching you how to write stand-out Resumes, Cover letters, Key Selection Criteria and LinkedIn Profiles
  • Done-for-You Resume, Cover letter, Key Selection Criteria and LinkedIn profile optimisation
  • Cheatsheets included in coaching packages

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Need a tailored package? Get in Touch with me HERE

Need a tailored package? Get in Touch with me HERE

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