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Welcome to The Get Noticed Coach!

I’m Athena Ali Career Coach and Strategist. I help you get noticed, get hired and get ahead in a public service or social enterprise career that you love where you can make a difference in the community.

I get it. You’re stuck!

You’re ambitious, you want a high-flying career. You’re determined to be at the top of your field. But you don’t like where you are right now. You are not clear about your purpose or the reputation and brand you want to project in your career.

This is making it difficult for you to focus on what roles to apply for and you cannot tailor or focus your job applications to showcase and articulate your brilliant expertise. 

Well you can change all that now.

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This eBook will help you understand what you need to do in order to focus and land that dream job.

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Thank you for being here and if you’re a mid-career professional or leader and you’re ready right now to elevate your career, discover your purpose or simply want to land your dream career, and you want to know how I can help you get there fast, then book in a 10 minute free “Jumpstart my Career Clarity Call” to see if we are a good fit to work together.


Don’t do it alone. Those who succeed are those who can identify they have a gap and make sure they seek help to fill that gap.



Athena’s great strength is her active listening that ensures that the best information is captured and incorporated in the documents she produces for you. 

Her resumes and selection criteria responses are concise and very well tailored for the role you are applying for. 

She genuinely cares about her clients and being able to help them achieve career personal goals and/or transition to new opportunities.

We all know the difficulties in changing or starting work careers and Athena greatly helps facilitate the process.

I highly recommend Athena and the fantastic work she does.

– George Athanasiadis, Whitehorse City Council


The help you gave me is beyond words and there may be someone else out there feeling like I did… all they need to do is put their faith in you. I did. I went with my gut and it was worth all of it.

– Sofia Kamboukos, Social Purpose Enterprise Mature Age Traineeship


I got the Senior Events Officer job at Council, I start next Wednesday. I’m excited but also nervous, I haven’t started a new job for a long time but I’m sure I’ll settle in well. It’s a great opportunity and it’s close to home which is so convenient. 

Thank you so much for your help, I couldn’t have done it without you. I definitely needed that confidence boost.

– Kaela Hazel, Camden Council


Athena is perfect for resume writing truly because of the experience she has and the good understanding of what her client needs. I am extremely satisfied with the makeover she’s done for my resume. Absolutely get in touch with Athena if you’re getting your resume done as she’s perfect. Would highly recommend Athena as she is perfect at what she is doing.

– Bindu Kanakamedala

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