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Key Selection Criteria Made Easy - Athena Ali The Get Noticed Coach

I’ve been keeping a secret.

It’s been several months now and I’ve only mentioned my Award-Winning program Key Selection Criteria Made Easy (formerly Interview Landing Key Selection Criteria) once.

Yes, my program won an international award with Career Directors International. The Career Innovator Award for 2022.

When I first won the Award, I had a flurry of people ask me where they could purchase it.

At the time the only way you could access it was through my 1:1 coaching programs.

I won an Award for a proven method that works for me and my clients, but no one could easily access it!

My aim for this program is for it to reach as many purpose-driven public servants and aspiring public servants as possible (because I want great people serving the community), but it’s been hidden from view.

That’s a serious disservice to all those people who are struggling to articulate their professional value and can’t put their brilliance into words because they think they’re not good at writing.

You’re great at what you do. You just don’t know how to tell everyone how great you are and pitch at the right level for the role.

You spend your whole weekend trying to write selection criteria for your dream role, you still aren’t sure if they’re right and then you don’t even get the courtesy of a personalised response for the effort.

Key selection criteria are hard and it can be very off-putting to apply.

But learning key selection criteria doesn’t have to be hard and it’s actually a very important life skill.

You don’t just need it for public sector job applications because they said you had to write them. It’s a very skillful way to sell yourself in all your job application documents.

But you need to know how to do it easily so that you can do this whenever you need to.

And that’s where my program Key Selection Criteria Made Easy comes in to help you.

I’d love to welcome you into this self-paced and easy-to-implement online program.

No more hiding gems for you to access.

You can check out all the details when you click the button below.


Key Selection Criteria Made Easy - Athena Ali The Get Noticed Coach

Hi, I’m Athena Ali

The Founder of The Get Noticed Coach.

I help public servants and aspiring public servants

– articulate their brilliance in resumes and CVs that get hiring managers excited to see them,

– write key selection criteria that prove you’re the right person for the job quickly,

– create a personal brand that sells for you so that you are headhunted for 6 figure roles effortlessly, and

– arm you with confidence-boosting strategies for your next interview so that you impress the recruiters and hiring managers and get hired in a $100K+ public service job.

I’m for people who want to make a difference in the community and work with purpose in a senior public service role.

I use my unique marketing approach to help you get clear, get confident, get visible, and advance your career with my unique 6 step framework.

With over 13 years in the public service and landing every government role I applied for and wanted I am well placed to show you how I did it and how you can do it too!

I believe in you.