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how to position yourself for your next promotion in the public sector

Are you looking for your next promotion in the public sector? If so, it is important to start positioning yourself now.

In this blog post, we will discuss how to do just that. We will cover topics such as networking, volunteering, and building relationships with key people.

We will also talk about ways to improve your skills and stay up-to-date on current trends.

By following this advice, you will be well on your way to securing your next public sector promotion.


If you’re looking to move up in the public sector, networking is key.

Get connected with people in your field and attend relevant conferences and events.

This will not only make you more visible, but it will also give you a chance to learn about the latest trends and developments.

When it comes time for a promotion, those who are well-connected and informed are more likely to be considered for the role.

So, if you’re serious about advancing your career, start networking today. It could be the key to landing your dream public sector job.


In the public sector, promotions are often based on merit and accomplishments.

If you want to position yourself for a promotion, volunteer for assignments that will showcase your skills and abilities.

By taking on more responsibility, you can demonstrate your leadership potential and dedication to the organisation.

In addition, volunteering for special projects can help you develop new skills and knowledge.

Not only will this make you more qualified for a promotion, but it will also make you more valuable to the organisation.

So, if you’re looking to advance your career in the public sector, start by volunteering for assignments that will help you stand out from the rest.

Building Relationships with Key People

In the public sector, there is a lot of competition for promotions. Because of this, it is important to start positioning yourself early on for the next promotion.

One way to do this is by building relationships with key people.

These are people who have influence over the promotion process or who are in decision-making roles.

When you have a good relationship with these individuals, they will be more likely to think of you when it comes time to make a promotion.

There are a few ways to build these relationships.

  • First, start by getting to know them on a personal level. It can be helpful to share similar interests or backgrounds.
  • Second, be sure to always act professionally and treat them with respect.
  • Finally, try to be helpful and add value whenever possible. For example, offer your help on projects or give them ideas on how to improve efficiency.

By taking these steps, you will position yourself well for your next promotion in the public sector.

Improving Skills

In the public sector, promotions are based on a variety of factors, including job performance, seniority, and educational attainment.

However, one of the most important factors in securing a promotion is demonstrating that you have the necessary skills for the next level.

If you are interested in advancing your career in the public sector, here are three ways to improve your skills and position yourself for a promotion:

  1. First, identify the skills that are required for the next level. If you are unsure, speak with your supervisor or another individual who is familiar with the promotion process.
  2. Once you have identified the required skills, take steps to improve your proficiency in those areas. If possible, receive formal training or education; alternatively, look for opportunities to practice those skills on the job.
  3. Finally, keep track of your progress and accomplishments. Be sure to document instances where you have applied or improved upon the skills that are required for the next level. By taking these steps, you will be well-positioned to compete for a promotion when an opportunity arises.

Staying Up-To-Date on Current Trends

If you’re looking to move up in the public sector, it’s important to stay current on trends in your field.

This can involve anything from reading trade publications to attending conferences and networking events.

By keeping abreast of current developments, you’ll be better positioned to identify opportunities for advancement.

In addition, you’ll be able to demonstrate to potential employers that you’re a well-informed and forward-thinking professional.

So they’re my tips on how to position yourself well for your next 6-figure public sector promotion!

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