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3 myths about landing a public service career (and what the real truth is!)

There is a perception out there that government jobs are much harder to get than any other role out there. The reason for this perception is because there are a few myths out there that simply aren’t true. 

The things you believe are costing you interviews and costing you the job. Holding onto these beliefs are stopping you from moving forward in your public service career.

Today I want to bust these myths and tell you that they only exist if you want them to exist. 

In this video, I talk about the 3 myths people believe that are stopping them from landing interviews and the job!

I will go through:

1.  Each of the myths

2.  Why these myths are simply not true 

3.  What the real truth is!

Watch the video and tell me, are you holding onto these beliefs about landing a public service career?



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