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Sending your resume to multiple government departments?

Not really selling yourself in your resume?

Listing everything you’ve ever done in your career in your resume?

Applying for public service roles and still hearing crickets?

Perhaps you don’t really know how to do it?

The things you always get told in terms of the mistakes on your resume are costing you interviews.

It’s really not just about the structure, the format, or how pretty it looks, especially when it comes to a leadership level public service role.

In this video, I talk about the 3 key mistakes people make when writing their resume for a public service role and what you can do instead so that you can start to land interviews!

I will teach you:

Why having a targeted resume will land you an interview

  1. Why achieving clarity is important and what it does for you
  2. What to put in your resume that will make you the stand out candidate and land an interview within seconds of it being read

Watch the video and tell me, have you made any of these mistakes?



Hi, I’m Athena Ali the Founder of The Get Noticed Coach and Get Noticed Resumes.

I help you get noticed, get hired and get ahead in a public service career that you love where you can make a difference to the community.