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I’m not kidding this just happened! 

It’s 9.50pm and I’m checking my LinkedIn messages, like right now. Wow, it really does happen. Yes, it’s happened to me many times, this is not the first time.

I’m being headhunted for a job in the public sector. Not from a recruiter (although that happens too), but from the actual HR hiring manager in a high-profile department.

Working in the public sector is not my “thing” these days (obviously because I am coaching, writing resumes and key selection criteria for all the lovely people here), but my previous extensive skills and experience are being sought after by human resources professionals in the public sector. 

How can a LinkedIn Profile help you in your job search?

LinkedIn is a professional social networking site. Recruiters like to use this tool to assist them in finding the right candidate for the job. It can also be used by employers when shortlisting or pre-screening candidates and also after the interview when they are doing their due diligence and referee checks. They like to find consistency between your job application documents and your online profiles.

LinkedIn is not written like a Resume, but your new professionally tailored and written Resume should be the source document that your LinkedIn Profile will draw its information from. Consistency is the key!

Here are my five top tips on making your LinkedIn Profile stand out so that you get headhunted for 6-figure public sector jobs:


  1. Create a Headline that not only tells the viewer what you do but how great you are at it. You have a few seconds to capture the reader’s attention. Make sure you capture it with words that reflect your personal branding.
  2. Regularly revisit and update your profile. You want people to find what you want them to find when they Google search you, and they will Google search you! So, make sure what you have written is current and reflects who you are and what you want them to know.
  3. Use your experience and skills section wisely. Make sure you have used keywords relevant to your industry or field so that the right people can find you.
  4. Post a professional photo of yourself. I don’t know about you, but anyone that doesn’t display a photo on their profile, I never look at or if I do look at it, I keep thinking it’s a spammy profile. It doesn’t have to be a very corporate headshot but it has to reflect you and what you would like people to think when they see you.
  5. Connect with former co-workers. The good old-fashioned way of networking was to introduce each other to our friends, who had friends and they had friends. People hire people they know, like and trust. You can establish relationships with people on LinkedIn over time so that they know, like and trust you. So why wouldn’t you connect with people you already know? In fact, some of your old co-workers may now be in senior positions. People hire people they know. So, get out there and connect with everyone you do know.If you are going to connect with someone you don’t know, always introduce yourself professionally.

    What I am doing is working for me, I am getting noticed, I am standing out and getting headhunted by people who know, like and trust me. If you would like to be approached instead of doing the approaching, then LinkedIn is great for that.

Get noticed. Be seen. Be seen where you want to be seen. Be seen how you want to be seen. 


I am looking for 5 public servants who are looking for a new 6-figure public sector role and would like to create or update their LinkedIn profiles so that they can be headhunted by hiring managers.

This is a pilot/beta program where you will work with me in a group container over 4 weeks.


Starting Thursday 1 September 2022 at 12.30pm
for 1/2 hour live course content delivery and Q&A session each week

As this is a beta program, the cost is just $299
(a saving of 50% on the launch price of $599).

This is a special opportunity to work with me in a group setting to learn how to update your profile and use it to get headhunted by recruiters and hiring managers.

Get in quick as this offer will end on Wednesday 31 August 2022 at 3.00pm.

If you are interested, email me here with the subject line “interested” for the current beta round, or email “waitlist” for the next round.


Cheers, Athena

Athena Ali - The Get Noticed Coach - Career Coach and Strategist for mid-career professionals and leaders who want to land a senior public service role they love where they can make a difference in the community

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